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The Mojo Gurus-Who Asked YaSince they unleashed Hot Damn! in 2004 and embraced their Southern influences and glam stomp, The Mojo Gurus threw off the shackles of their former self when they were known as Roxx Gang.  Some fans were appalled by such a change in musical direction after being absorbed by the immediate late 80’s glam and sleaze vibe captured on the former band’s debut album Things You’ve Never Done Before.

For those fans that still await the return of those glorious glitzy days, this is sad news for you – The Mojo Gurus are here to stay!  Their skills within this rootsy rock n’roll style are as competent and good as they were when the band recorded Spoonful.  There is room for nostalgia, and if that is your bag then pick up your used copy of the Roxx Gang debut and swim in those memories.  For the rest of those who are watching with interest, Who Asked Ya? is the party in your pockets that you had hoped for!

Kevin Steele is still in fine voice and wit, complete with awareness that the art of rock n’roll seems to be fading from the limelight that insists on wearing disposable bands and artists peddling pedestrian music.  Submerged in the heavy atmosphere of the swamps of rural Florida, tapping their toes to some sincere blues and honky-tonk magic are such musical examples as the ballad No Damn Good, the swagger of Devil to Pay and The Last Rock n’Roll Show.

Who Asked Ya? also conjures up such gems as the instrumental Bandito which slaps a smile on the face and energy in the hips.  In fact if you have a copy of Shakin’ in the Barn or Let’s Get Lit With… you’ll be fully aware of the party vibe encaged with the essence of their Southern leanings.  Foolish Boy lumbers along in its heavy sludgy blues walk whilst Someone Else Will exclaims that if you’re not going to take these guys for a dance, then someone else will.

There’s always a silver lining as far as The Mojo Gurus and more specifically Steele is concerned.  Whether you’re no damn good at this or that, or you’re not getting your groove on with someone, there’s always an option or opportunity with someone or something else!  These guys are following their hearts, oozing genuine overtures of what feels right and true, and thankfully for you they have the savvy experience to write some decent songs too.  What more could a Southern gentleman or Southern belle wish for?

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