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MUSHROOMHEAD Righteous ButterflyFew bands last ten years in the metal business, even fewer last 15, so when you look at ’s 20 plus year history it just screams experience, and on their new release The Righteous & The Butterfly, their first release since vocalist JMann rejoined the group, it screams that experience right back in your face.

are a nine piece group hailing from Cleveland. The band started as an amalgamation of local bands in the late 80’s, and since their first self-titled debut back in 1995 the group has made a sound that blends Industrial, Doom, and Nu metal in a way that is creepy and dark, yet oh so melodic.

The Righteous & The Butterfly is the latest chapter in the  history and features a lot of new and old faces. Though the group lost long time bassist Pig Benus and guitarist Gravy as well as the tragic death of guitarist JJ Righteous, they regained a very familiar face, vocalist JMann. With a fresh line up now supporting three vocalists, is set to deliver, and boy do they ever. Taking cues from every generation of the band, The Righteous & The Butterfly is the perfect embodiment of what all the band has learned and what the band has left in its endless arsenal. From the super edgy Qwerty, to the groovy throwback Our Apologies, and Portraits of the People playing as the group’s familiar ballad, this album is a must have in your Mushroomhead library. The lyrics don’t really reach into too many new territories with the band mostly discussing the familiar friendlies like agony, sorrow, anger, and all things dark. With that though, the group has come with some variations on their sound including more dynamic guitar work, massive drum beats that are much more in your face than their previous releases, and even a cover of Adele’s Rumor Has It.

This album is a reflection of both the past and the future of Mushroomhead giving you a sublime taste of both aspects of aspects of the band. This album is for fans of Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, and Slipknot and deserves an 8.5/10.

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