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night-ranger-dont-let-up-500px35 years. That’s how long has been together. Sure, there have been some line-up changes, breakups and makeups along the way, but is here to show that they Don’t Let Up. Oh, hey, that’s the album name!

Many bands from the era that first hit it big try too hard to sound “fresh” or “relevant” to the younger folks. seems to know what their fans want, and that is the same California rock sound that they started out with. The songs are easy to sing along with, the guitar harmonies and solos are tight, the hooks are memorable, and the vocal harmonies are great and unique.

Their newest album is a fun time that you can listen to and rock out while you hang out with your friends and have some beverages. Which is not to say that the album is a rehash of older songs. It’s just that they seem to have the formula down and they are sticking to it because it works. Some of the heavier songs include Day and Night, Somehow, Someway, and Jamie. And of course is going to have some ballads for the ladies- We Can Work it Out, and Nothing Left of Yesterday. There are a few songs that don’t leave much of an impact, but that can be said of any album.

Night Ranger still draws a crowd and puts on a great show- mixing in all the old hits with the newer tunes. There is no need to change their style, because it is what people want to hear from them. Basically, the old saying rings true- “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And it definitely ain’t broke.

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