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140723_memoirs_coverOn October 14, 2014 Epic Records/Legacy Recordings releases a CD/2-DVD set chronicling the solo career of hard rock icon . The set, named Memoirs of a Madman, includes a single CD with 17 of Osbourne’s hit singles and a 2-DVD set containing classic music videos, unreleased live performances and interviews.

An exclusive set is also available, which includes an autographed poster, the CD/2-DVD set, 2 LP picture disc vinyl and a Creative Allies designed poster. Creative Allies is an online community where visual artists submit designs for design contests within the entertainment industry. Submissions are eligible to potentially receive cash, prizes and/or royalties.

Considering Osbourne’s career spans four decades, and he’s one of the most prominent, long-standing musicians in rock history (earning him the title of “Godfather of Heavy Metal”), it’s no surprise he can release a CD with 17 songs most will recognize from beginning to end. Tracks include Crazy Train, Bark at the Moon, No More Tears, Perry Mason, Mama I’m Coming Home and Changes (a Black Sabbath original which Osbourne later re-released as a duet with his daughter Kelly Osbourne).

Both DVD’s contain lots of classic Osbourne, taking you on a reminiscent journey through the timeline of his career. While most fans will recognize the music videos from disc one from the days when MTV played music videos, even the most dedicated Ozzy fans will find some new material on the second DVD, which includes early live performances and interview clips, some from out-of-print VHS releases. Hardcore fans may also dig hearing the previously unreleased CD track of the song Paranoid, recorded live at Roundhouse, London in 2010. Most hard rock fan won’t have buyer’s remorse after adding this set to their collection.

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