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The Peckham Cowboys-10 tales from is an impressive capital city, and lurking beneath the surface of such a multitude of cultural exploits is a resounding collective of talented souls.  An example of that point can be found in this bunch of reprobates who are celebrating the result of their most recent creative collaboration.

Album number two possesses the swagger of a drunken ant roaming the undergrowth nonchalantly to a nest that vibrates to the roar of unadulterated rock n’roll.  Some may describe their sound as ‘raw sleaze’ as it carries the vibes of quintessential English bands like the Rolling Stones, and The Dogs D’Amour groping the spirit of Guns N’Roses, Hanoi Rocks and any other band of their ilk that you can think of.

The magic ingredient that sets this ten track album apart from many other pretenders in this sub-genre is their truth; their sincere and honest approach to both the lyrics and the music.  Taking the music for example, there are moments of other influences which are soaked in the streets exhibiting various forms of pop culture for bystanders to sink their eyes and ears in to.  Imagine if you will the presence of Ghost Town by The Specials creeping in to ’ song Don’t Damn The Hypnotist; the full on rock n’roll and chant-a-long chorus of Bromley Girls plus the almost reggae-flavor of their single The Debt Collector.

Quarantined starts out like an outtake from their 2011 debut album Flog It! but settles in to the mindset of what 10 Tales From The Gin Palace is all about.  She was Sweet on Me carries the flag for being the longest track nestled within the ten on display, and is unable to hide its barroom sensibilities, stinking of cigarettes and stained by spilled beer.

With a line-up consisting of hardened players in a previous chapter of their musical existence with the Izzy Stradlin Band, Primal Scream, , Steven Adler Band and too many others to list, you get the sense that the results of 10 Tales From The Gin Palace aren’t necessarily happy accidents; more like a natural outcome from the dynamics and chemistry that make up this constantly evolving English rock n’roll band.

Do your ears a favor and search for this shining gem of an album; close your eyes and pretend that you’re in a pub watching the guys throw some moves and stagger around in a chemical haze.  You won’t regret it if you like a little brass, harmonica, some keys, plenty of guitar and some solid bass with various percussion in tangent with the effortless flow of attitude.

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