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Project Arcadia-A Time Of ChangesIf you’re a fan of melodic metal then you may have already witnessed a buzz surrounding the band .  If not, then their official music video for Formidable Foe has recently passed 10,000 views.

In 2009, the band released their debut album From the Desert of Desire to a low-key fanfare despite it containing moments of potential.  Perhaps it wasn’t just the Bulgarian metal community sensing better to come from their new hopes?  Replacing former lead vocalist Alexander Atanasov with known for his work with Tad Morose and Bloodbound might well signal bigger and better things to come.

What some may find appealing about A Time of Changes is their insistence on keeping the song lengths sensible.  Despite their technical ability and progressive tendencies, they avoid taking tracks and stretching them to self-indulgent places.  Joy is a gentle instrumental which precedes the title track.  There is an accessible punch on Shelter Me and fragility in places on I Am Alive.

There are several highlights for those who enjoy their fair share of quality melodic metal, like The Ungrateful Child with its sombre opening and all-encompassing sense of a gentle texture.  Timeless manages to merge a decent hook with some driving metal riffs.  After all, love is truly timeless isn’t it?

Only when taking a step back from the listening experience do you notice that the guitars are deeper in the mix than you may expect, allowing the lead vocals to stand out proudly.  It wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine how powerful this band sounds live and what sort of impact these songs could have in such an environment.

Ultimately it shouldn’t surprise too many people how strong this sophomore release is, due to the band working on it since early 2011.  That’s a long time to craft and shape some strong musical contenders to include on it.  By introducing some experience in the form of Swedish vocalist breed to provide a full-on attack has certainly added to their arsenal.  This is good stuff and certainly a competent building block for a promising future.

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