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Ragdoll-Rewound cover appeared on the Australian music scene just a bit over three years ago when and met via MySpace and decided to jam together, adding soon after.  Since their formation, they have taken independent music to a whole new level.

Todd/guitar, Barrett/drums, and Rafferty/bass & lead vocals make up this powerhouse trio.  Since began, reviews and interviews have tried to tag the sound with a genre.  However, they feel they do not need a label other than a band that plays great music and puts on a great show. America first witnessed at (ROK) in 2012.  now has been brought back for their third year.  May 23, just two days before taking the Retrospect Records Stage at ROK, the band released their third independent album titled Ragdoll Rewound.  This 13 track release includes:  Here Today, Tell Me, Could It Be Love, Heaven Above, Overnight Sensation, Foot To The Floor, The Feeling, Ashamed, In My Mind, Rewind Your Mind (Live), All I Want (Live), Tell Me (Live) and Foot To The Floor (Live).  The band decided they would revisit their first two EP’s and bring a remixed and polished version to the songs to be heard the way they had always intended.  Also included on the album are four live tracks recorded raw and unpolished.

The sound produced by this three-piece band is reminiscent of 60’s melodic rock mixed with a 70’s groove with the riffs and excitement of the 80’s and 90’s, which delivers the unmistakable Here Today  begins the with a drum introduction straight into hard-driving guitar and bass for almost a full thirty seconds of coarse Ragdoll before Rafferty begins his vocals. This is definitely the track to start an album to give any listener an explosive preview for what is to follow.  Tell Me offers up even more explicit guitar work by Todd, urging bass and drums with such an extensive range in vocals by Rafferty.  Could It Be Love is the first ballad of the album and conveys expert written lyrics with fabulous melodies, yet the arena rock feel is present even with a ballad.  Heaven Above is a bit of trickery, as it begins as what would seem to be another ballad, but quickly turns into more of the fierceness this band will be known for, yet transitions back to an extreme jam session at the end, which features the guitar skills by Todd.  Overnight Sensation proves some more of their melodious vocals and tongue in cheek style of writing, yet never leaves the listener unsatisfied.  Foot To The Floor appears on the album twice, one is re-mastered and another live version.  Both tracks validate the Ragdoll sound, with animalistic dynamism; raw and carnal.  The Feeling has a hint of a U2 semblance with a revolutionary mindfulness.  Ashamed and In My Mind take you away again with melodies and well written lyrics.  Ending the album with four live tracks of Rewind Your Mind (Live), All I Want (Live), Tell Me (Live) and Foot To The Floor (Live) were recorded and remain un-retouched to offer fans the rough-hewn and unchaste live realization of what Ragdoll will forever be known for…a massive and powerful sound.

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