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The Rising Album CoverThis Denver-based hard rocking force-of-nature has captured a tight sound which is both crisp and compressed.  The guitar is streamlined and yet razor-sharp, as the beat is deep in the mix and the vocals and other studio trickery fill in the gaps.  The experience of listening to solid hard rock presented in this way proves refreshing as the vocals don’t provide obvious comparisons either.

The Rising was produced by Mike McAfee and Jeff Kanan who between them have worked with In This Moment, Staind and Kelly Clarkson among others.  Singles in the shape of Cold, 2:13 and have already been let loose for fans to digest.  Between them all, they showcase a band that is onto something groove orientated.  Power changes place with fragility and then manipulate once more to steer the song through the ceiling!  With the invaluable assistance of technology, there is a delivery here which reiterates their standing with the modern world.

With 13 tracks in total embedded within the framework of The Rising, you certainly get a lot of music to sink those ears into.  Maybe that is the only minor criticism that could be aimed at this release?  Too much music in a day and age where people don’t necessarily have the time to consume such large amounts of music might be valid, but also a petty point when so much of the music on show is of such good quality.

There is angst when some rough vocals appear during The Choice; there’s a fast guitar riff injecting urgency into This is War; there’s a jarring groove that is contained within Shadows; The Rising is essentially hard-hitting stuff which for the majority is relentless.  Like a rider holding on only just to the reins as a horse gallops out of control, this album just about keeps the interest and maintains sufficient depth and diversity within the fabric of the instrumentation; but it’s a close call.  The future will be interesting concerning what the band decides to conjure up next.  If they were to reduce the amount of tracks on their next album and push the envelope of what has been started here, then things could get very exciting indeed.

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