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The Righteous Wicked - EPGenres within music are a necessary evil within music that often lead to inaccurate generalizations of a band’s sound. The Righteous Wicked are one of those bands that require a little bit of that creativity when it comes to assigning a label. This EP is a very compelling mash-up of classic rock, blues, and funk. Hailing from Ames, Iowa, The Righteous Wicked introduces itself as a force to be reckoned with in this self-titled, three-track EP.

The first track, Cherry Stem Noose, sets the stage for this EP with a cheeky rock n’ roll sound. Vocalist Jack Tenney’s refrains are challenging, occasionally manic, and catchy as hell. This is easily the liveliest track on the EP and makes for a gripping opener.

The second track, House Always Wins, features plenty of classic rock riffs. A sort of anthem for the broke and restless, (“I spilled more blood than the gold I saved”) this track is a lot of fun. And, like any great rock n’ roll track, there is a nice balance of electrifying guitar licks, hammering drums, and raw vocals.

The third track, Who’s There, is the track that particularly shows off the band’s bluesy influences. The beginning and final bridge have an especially traditional Southern blues sound. Although this track is not necessarily the most infectious song on the record, it is an impressive example of how The Righteous Wicked uses  rhythm to create a mood.

The Righteous Wicked likely won’t be facing any accusations of being novice musicians. Each track is polished, while not losing any of the raw edge that helps it stand out. Defined in only three words—this album is catchy, fun and timeless. The Righteous Wicked are very much a band to keep your eye on, and, while short, their debut EP is an excellent summation of what they are about.

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