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Savage Messiah - The Fateful DarkWhilst we may be towards the back end of the Thrash Metal resurgence of recent years, there are still bands coming out of it swinging and sticking to their guns. Hailing from London, are doing just that, and as soon as the energetic and heavy Iconocaust kicks off The Fateful Dark you will be looking for the nearest beer to chug down whilst banging your head like mad. The six minute epic opener gives you pretty much everything you want to hear on a thrash metal tune, fast in your face guitars.

As the album progresses, some of the tracks do fall victim to the whole ‘feeling a bit samey’ aspect that you can get with so many thrash metal records. There are some tunes on there though which do break the mould. Perhaps one of the main highlights on the album, Cross Of Babylon, snarls and pounds at your consciousness, with it clearly being a track that would serve the band very well in the live arena. The guitar work from Dave Silver and Joff Bailey on this tune are absolutely stunning, with it culminating in an Iron Maiden style, easy to chant along lyrics, as Silver repeats “Cross of Babylon!”. Structurally it is certainly similar to Hallowed Be Thy Name. And that is exactly what this band feels like. It feels like the love child of Iron Maiden’s Eddie and Megadeth’s Vic Rattlehead. Yeah–good luck getting that image out of your head.

The title track is another menacing high point on the album, its groove fuelled riffs and crunchy guitars adding some greater depth away from the more standard thrashier tracks. Let’s not be under any illusion, are not re-inventing the genre in any way, but let’s not deny the fact that they do it well. A good solid Thrash record, and definitely worth checking out.



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