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Scare Don't Fear - From The Ground UpOver the past couple of years, this -rockin’ quintet have unleashed videos for their own songs building up momentum and showcasing their style of influences melded with metalcore and tendencies.  They are edgy, youthful and have a real temper as expletives fly around like throwing stars to a backdrop of razor-sharp guitars and a whirlwind of percussion and modern studio toppings.  Welcome to the world of Scare Don’t Fear!

Striking a balance between beats and an ominous disposition, first official single from this debut album called works very well without compromising on fury; album opener Shut it Down builds the tension from the beginning and shares the various elements the band possess, and Someone To Talk To sways with an urban attitude swimming in beats and studio effects leaving the guitars outside.

There are 12 tracks in total which make up the complete fabric of From the Ground Up.  With a dual vocal attack, their sting is most prominent throughout the performances and one half of this fronting vocal force, Frankie Screamz, shares the band’s outlook and attitude – “Don’t be scared to be different” and then adds “Don’t be afraid to shock people, don’t hold back…”

Energy and observation go hand in hand with tracks like R.I.ot and No 9 to 5 which are the audio equivalent of rusty nails piercing the surface of the flesh.  Luckily the band avoids falling in to the trap of keeping their expressions one-dimensional by mixing up the angle and adding subtle strings in places.

Interesting times await the band and their record label which has been set up by the guitarist and his co-manager .  They’re modern, angry and relevant combining nu- prowess at times with blatant urban overtures and at their most hostile, metalcore force.

This album is recommended for those who want something that takes nu- to new places and is bored with the edgier locations of the scene.  The album title couldn’t be any more suitable really; these guys are working “” alright.

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