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Seasons After - Calamity Scars and MemoirsThe last time we heard new music from was their 2010 debut album Through Tomorrow, featuring the popular cover of Gerard McMann’s Cry Little Sister. After a legal battle and some line-up changes, the boys are finally back with their independent release Calamity Scars and Memoirs.

The album is full of dueling guitars and solos, which sometimes seems to have become a lost art these days. Break to Survive aggressively sets the stage for a track list full of highly personal songs that have had the chance to develop over the last four years. Mingled amongst chug-heavy tunes there are more melodic and mellow songs such as Weathered and Worn and It’s Alright, highlighting vocalist Tony Housh’s amazing vocal range. And the album closes just as strong as it began, with My Last Words. With a listen to the lyrics, it seems clear that this is an auto-biographical album, with the band members working through all the struggles they have had to deal with for the last 3-4 years while they waited to be able to release this album. The listener will feel like they are reading a collective band journal, inviting us in and apologizing for being gone so long.

Perhaps the fact that the band hails from the Midwest has something to do with their never-give-up work ethic and unwillingness to lie back and accept a one-album wonder type of fate. Clearly they have found who they really are in the .

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