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Seven Day Sleep is an independent band based out of LA who recently Released their first EP A Home For Disgusting Fairies. The members of the band include Sofia Ruszczyk on Vocals, Can Temiz on Bass and synths, Okan Isik on Guitar, and new addition Jesse Farmer on Drums. The EP was produced and recorded by Ben Schigel and Tony Gammalo at Spider Studios Cleveland, OH and it was mastered by Evren Göknar at Capitol records.

Seven Day Sleep has a unique sound with influences ranging from Opeth, In Flames, My Chemical Romance, and Evanescence to Old School Hip Hop, Queen, Mozart and Southern Gothic. It could be called metalcore, it could be called Goth metal, but one thing is certain, it’s damn good. The band’s range of influences is evident throughout A Home For Disgusting Fairies. The first track on the EP A Rose Infested has a dark sound reminiscent of early Lacuna Coil with a voice that gives Amy Lee a run for her money. The next track on the EP Red Lipstick Murders brings more surprises with its rocking upbeat chorus, juxtaposed with a heavy break down. Then Chocolate and the Favorite Gun can be best described as what would happen if Muse became a metal band. Following that up is No Tears No Flowers, which brings us back to the gothic quality of the first track. Cemeteries of Paris closes out the EP, and is another moody piece complete with an epic chorus, which is one of the few things the listener has come to expect by this point. This song would be a great inclusion in the upcoming Anne Rice Vampire series currently in pre-production (hint hint Ms. Rice).

However one wants to label this band, it is clear that they are talented. They’re a unique blend of goth meets metal meets alternative meets I-don’t-know-what-else is refreshing in a very genuine way.


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