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Smash Fashion-Big Cat LoveAfter releasing two studio albums already to a modest fanfare, this L.A. based melodic and infectious troupe are here with album number three.  Sharing their brand of with their ever-growing audience, you receive an album which proudly shows off that title complete with songs that prove the influence of Marc Bolan, Sweet and the Sex Pistols is alive and well.

Toe-tapping songs with zest assault the ears of those who dare to plug-in and listen.  Starting out like a distant echo of AC/DC with the opening chords, Wicked Ways doesn’t really tell you what to expect from what follows.  Prepare to orbit other-worldly planets as you swim amongst the glitter and sparkle of Just a Kiss at the Starting Line, You Love to Suffer and Live to Tell.

Who are these purveyors of decadent psychedelia and atomic power pop anyways?!   is the main man with the glitzy plan who is joined by guitarist Lloyd Stuart Casson (ex-), Tony Kinman on bass and Repo tackling the skins.  United they make a glorious noise that sweeps through decades past whilst simultaneously touching base with today.  It also says a lot that at one point they featured Nigel Mogg amongst their ranks who is known for his sterling work with .

They can drive the stake in to the chest just as well as providing whimsical beacons of musical hope; take Aim for the Heart, Stay off My La La and Strike My Fancy (Knickers Down) as prime examples.  With a naughty wink and a shake of the tail feathers, this rock band brings the bounce back to your abandoned ball left in the back yard.  They salute all that is good about a chorus and a strong melody and in shameless fashion smash it with some great performances.  Hey, that would make a great name for a band – !

If you’re heart bleeds for the bygone days of the audacious stomp of glam rock and you want to know what to do with those huge heels you coated in shimmering silver the other day, then it might be a suitable idea to follow the signs pointing to the avenue called “” as they’re a lot of inoffensive fun and they have a song called Blame it on the Brandy.  What more could you ask for?

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