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social66covThis hard rocking quartet is wishing to build a fan-base from scratch, one brick at a time.  They’re hard working guys who have amassed 12 tracks here they feel do the business and represent them the best.  Maybe splashes of Papa Roach and an abundance of other similar hard rocking acts can be heard swirling around in the mix as your ears tackle relentless nuggets like , Perfect World and One in the Same.

Those three examples prove to be highlights on an album that feels a little one-dimensional and lacking anything quirky or sufficiently innovative.  When you’re listening to a rock band, sometimes it’s a special moment that helps a band stand out from their competitors, and despite spinning this self-titled album several times, although most of the material here is good, it just doesn’t pull off enough personality to make it rise above the plethora of bands peddling a similar style and sound.

The band members are located in Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina and show plenty of potential on this debut album.  They share their modern rock credentials well on introductions to The Wave, Only Me and Sorry which all provide a solid punch as they twist and turn within the arrangements that have been created.  It isn’t easy when you’re in a band these days, and with a sense of their hard-working attitude and willingness to win fans over, the future you could say is bright for .

When all is said and done, if you have a guitarist who goes by the name of Se7eN in your line-up, you know they mean business!  If you go searching certain online retailers for the music of , you may stumble across a three track release titled The Party Is On which dates back to 2011.  This discovery would suggest to you that they aren’t an overnight flash in the pan.  Deducing the band has been plying their trade therefore at least for more than a couple of years before bringing out this well-produced debut, should also inform the listener that there is plenty of determination amongst their ranks.  Any genuine doubters should check out Consume Control for a track that might do some damage to the charts if it was to be unleashed as a single further down the line.

To summarize this debut studio album; most of the material is top quality as it bounces, drives onward and kicks out at those non-believers.  The only issue is that the material doesn’t change gear sufficiently or offer up that one track that could propel them up the league table of similar sounding hard rock acts from the U.S.  Time will tell whether their second attempt will contain an inner growth and progression from what has been successfully achieved here.

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