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Suicide Silence-You Can't Stop MeUpon learning that had plans to release a new album after the passing of Mitch Lucker, I was skeptical. It was going to be incredibly difficult for someone to fill the shoes of someone who had grown to be a legend within the metal community. The addition of Herman “Eddie” Hermida to the band, in my opinion, was a very solid choice. Eddie has quite a background in style of music, most notably with All Shall Perish. It would be interesting to see how much having a new voice fronting the group would change the sound.

After giving You Can’t Stop Me a few listens, I was no longer concerned about some of the negative YouTube comments I had read. Songs such as Sacred Words and Cease to Exist have chorus sections that are catchy enough to make you replay the song just to hear it again. Similarly to The Black Crown, there are two guest vocals spots in the album. They’re separated enough throughout the album, and it makes it a nice touch to hear something a little different.  The music of the band has strayed a bit from their previous roots, and it makes the experience. The music compliments the vocals and is a solid evolutionary step for . They still tend to stick to their traditional “deathcore” style, but now maintain a fast paced, almost jumpy tempo through the discography. The guitars are punchy and have a more pronounced tone, and let’s also not forget that there is a rippin’ bass solo in Warrior.

You Can’t Stop Me is a solid transition album to a more modern sound. ’s newer sound will not only entertain new audiences, but maintain the relationship with fans from past albums such as The Cleansing or The Black Crown.

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