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Virgil & The Accelerators - Army Of ThreeA brisk and emotive concoction awaits those who venture near this UK-based blues orientated rock n’roll three-piece.  With a line-up which includes Virgil McMahon attacking the guitar and dealing admirably on lead vocals, drummer and backing vocalist Gabriel McMahon plus Jack Alexander Timmis-Lakland providing bass and backing vocals, it is time for you to grip the railings as album number two lands!

If you’re a person who loves to indulge the ears with a laid back and comfortable performer who plays with feeling and enjoys a lil jam here and there, these guys are a thumbs up and come highly recommended.  With tracks like Through the Night, Stand Up and Free you get some tasty arrangements with spice and seasoning which add dimensions to Army of Three.

The wonderful aspect about is how they can smack you in the face with instant as well as progressive elements.  Take the first single All Night Long for instance; it doesn’t have anything to do with the Rainbow classic, but does rally the listener in to an immediate sing-a-long chorus.

Reflective moments like Anymore add more to the palette as the more times you play Army of Three you realize this collection is something truly special.  This album could easily fall into a category of those releases which somehow slip below people’s radar, meaning rock music fans are missing out on a treat.

After a 2011 debut called The Radium which turned heads, those in the know were hoping for better things and it would be fair to say that the contribution to production by the legendary  known for his work with Gary Moore, Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy and a plethora of well-known rock music talent has assisted in carving out a slice of audio pie which should satisfy many appetites.

As McMahon says himself, “The Radium was pretty much a live studio recording; on Army of Three we wanted the production values but we didn’t want to compromise the raw energy of our live sound.”  You get the picture; Army of Three is a serious piece of work and requires a little time to savor.  If you’re unaware of this trio, then if time and logistics are looking upon you favorably, check this album out.

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