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cover_WETOn a January night at the Debaser Club in Sweden’s capitol, W.E.T. debuted songs from their (at the time) forthcoming album, Rise Up. That exclusive 2013 performance at the sold out rock club is now available on the band’s first live release, One Live – In Stockholm (Frontiers Records). The double CD set features many of the high energy, instantly-catchy melodic rock songs off Rise Up and W.E.T.’s 2009 self-titled release.

The first CD begins with Walk Away, Learn To Live Again, and Invincible – all crowd-pleasing songs driven by powerful guitars and terrific vocals by Jeff Scott Soto. Other highlights are I’ll Be There, Bad Boy, and Rise Up. The second disc features If I Fall, Brothers In Arms, What You Want and One Love. There are also three bonus studio tracks on disc two: Poison and Bigger Than Both Of Us.  

W.E.T. is an acronym for the three bands involved in this ongoing, dynamic musical project. Key players Robert Sall (Work of Art), Erik Martenssen (Eclipse) and Soto (Talisman) all sound as if they’ve been playing together as a live unit for much longer than this band has actually been around. All part of the artists roster on Frontiers Records, the label itself encouraged Swedish songwriters Sall and Martenssen to team with the great Brooklyn-born rock singer Soto.  

Also included on One Live – In Stockholm is the Eclipse song Bleed And Scream, where Martenssen performs the lead vocal. For The Great Fall, Work Of Art singer Lars Safsund joins W.E.T. on stage. The other members of W.E.T. are guitarist Magnus Henrikssen, drummer Robban Back and bassist Andreas Passmark.

Along with the double CD, One Live – In Stockholm comes with a companion DVD of the show and a couple of bonus video clips.

Verdict after listening to this excellent live release out in the garage: recommend.

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