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And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of DeadSuitably titled indeed the rocking quartet’s 9th album, they continue to make in-roads to discovering their epitome.  The opening two tracks inform immediately as to their intent as both The Doomsday and Jaded Apostles providing driving rhythms to almost psychedelic vocal melodies and presentations.

They’ve never really been the sort of to have playing in the background with ease, more like the sort of which need some tender love and care as earphones provide a real insight and connection to the depth of their arrangements and playing.  Those of you who recall talented song-writer singing their praises by recommending So Divided unveiled back in 2006, may already be in the know regarding the charms of this ’s output.

IX offers such highlights as Lie without a Liar which retains at points a charming refrain and a tasty change in tempo; first single The Within which captures an accessible quality; Lost in the Grand Scheme with its power and waves of distortion and rallying emotion, and many other moments caged within the arrangements the share with each song.

It is arguable whether IX is best digested as a whole or whether each individual track can stand on its own, but for the sake of observation you’ll find the songs weave together effortlessly providing a satisfactory ebb and to the entirety.  The tracks here are going to be welcomed by existing of the and should provide an interesting challenge to those who are until now, unfamiliar with their sound and approach.  Through its communication, the drums a very important role in translating the ’s on IX.

With the current line- of on vocals, guitar, drums and piano playing alongside also playing his part on drums, vocals and with bassist and vocalist Autry Fulbright plus drummer and guitarist onboard as with previous album Lost Songs, …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead continue their march into ever-ambivalent territories; merging both melancholy textures to what feel like celebratory fabrics.  To witness such heightened emotions in the environment will be quite an experience.


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