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Zodiac - Sonic ChildAdopting the 70’s work ethic of prolific and rapid releases, the German emotive rocking quartet follow-up last year’s A Hiding Place with their third studio album.  At one time it wouldn’t be too hard to find descriptions of this band being described as bluesy rockers but it’s too dismissive of how versatile they are.  Sonic Child complete with stunning album cover artwork proves once again as their previous album did, how they can stretch themselves and find plenty of different moods within the confines of their instrumentation.

They hit a groove when behind the wheel of Out of the City; they strum acoustically with somber hearts on Sad Song and languish in a shadow of tears when soaking up the blues on the epic Rock Bottom Blues.  Maybe the momentum they built up with the previous two albums has taken their talent to a zenith of creativity in which they are trapped?

Some bands can capture a benchmark of quality seemingly with ease and you know when you buy their albums you will receive nothing short of satisfaction.  is just one fine example of this premise.  If pushed by a fellow admirer of their output, you may reach the conclusion that this album doesn’t necessarily better any of their prior releases, but it still retains all you’d hope for.

Bypassing comparisons of ’s uncanny ability to sound like Chris Rea in the vocal department, his performance meets expectation as does the band consisting of guitarist Stephan Gall, bassist Ruben Claro and Janosch Rathmer on drums.  Official music videos have already been launched for the title track and A Penny and a Dead Horse which both reiterate the above verdict.

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With all things considered, this album is merely another example of what they do so well.  It isn’t worth getting your knickers in a twist because as the band explain it’s Just Music at the end of the night.  There are 12 nuggets to discover which all showcase their flair for emotive-driven rock music.  Apart from the atmospheric opening number called Intro Who I Am which is carried along by the sentiment of the profound narrative depicting the outlook that music is all important to the individual concerned, it is business as usual.  He has a point though actually.

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