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Cavalera Conspiracy Album CoverIf you’ve survived the previous two studio albums called Inflikted (2008) and Blunt Force Trauma (2011) by the Brazilian brothers Cavalera, then maybe you’ve had sufficient bludgeoning of the senses?  If you’re a masochist with a rabid appreciation of the aggressive arts of music composition then perhaps you’re eagerly awaiting Pandemonium with bated breath?

Max and Iggor both deliver a non-stop barrage of crushing and hammering rhythms which run the gauntlet alongside driving distorted guitars, creating what can only be described as triumphantly ‘gore-geous’ audio slabs of hatred.  Grooves throughout the years have added character and been interpreted and incorporated by funk-driven artists, pop inspired individuals and metal Messiah’s showcasing razor-edged riffs amongst many others, but what Cavalera Conspiracy are so prolific in is a brutalised perspective on the meaning of ‘groove’.

Joining the Cavalera brothers on Pandemonium and adding their prolific battering is Marc Rizzo playing lead guitar and bassist Nate Newton.  Between the four of them, they are very angry and let out every molecular part of their aggression on the listener.  With the first seven tracks providing an exemplary example in stamina the beginning of Not Losing the Edge hints at a change in tactics.  It races along bringing in a different flavor which feels magnified due to the excessive heavy-handed strategy of the opening seven songs.

Despite the mostly one-dimensional brutality which bombards the ears, there are moments which offer up new gears.  Longest track Deus Ex Machina is going to thrill fans of the first two albums with its march ever onwards whilst simultaneously swinging a sharp blade with the intent to slay.

Don’t go for this album expecting a return to Sepultura’s Chaos A.D. or anything close to Soulfly for that matter.  This is a guide on how to keep the head down and charge with arms swinging around in a calculated fashion in order to chop down anything that is in your way.  Controlled and crafted to reap a tightly delivered full-throttle example of thrash metal with familiar gruff vocals, Pandemonium will satisfy fans without a doubt.

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