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Crazy Lixx Album 2014Readers of Screamer Magazine have great taste in music and that is obvious for all concerned.  The styles of music you read about in one of the best online magazines from this globe you inhabit often possess magical qualities which encompass all manner of sensibilities.  Most of you perhaps fancy your classic styles of rock music like Guns N’Roses, Metallica, Whitesnake, Van Halen and many, many more?

Here in 2014 you can wrap your ears around a great many bands who have adopted on purpose or by accident some influences from the above bands.  Fans of Backyard Babies, KIX, Winger and several other rock bands with a similar sound may enjoy the shameless exponents of rock music called Crazy Lixx.  Album number four will arrive imminently packaged in a slick production wrapped with a bow which salutes elements of L.A. Guns, Aerosmith and the classic bands briefly referred to earlier.

Their self-titled album oozes what many have become accustomed to as sleaze-flavored rock music as the guitars slither and run rampant on tracks like Girls of the 80’s, Outlaw and All Looks, No Hooks.  Sure it is riddled with clichés and visually primed struts and swaggering hips, but sometimes that sort of musical medicine is just what the doctor ordered.

Ain’t No Rest in Rock n’Roll shatters all expectation of innovation but proudly nods to driving rock like AC/DC or Rhino Bucket.  You may find your rear-end wiggling without you having any control due to the level of quality with this album.  The chorus of Call to Action swims in highly melodic waters while the verses chug along like a ten tonne heavy thing cruises down the freeway.

Swedish rockers Crazy Lixx make it feel easy (always a good sign) as Sound of the Loud Minority and Heroes are Forever capture a band in good form.  Whether it is overly familiar in places doesn’t matter too much when it is done with a sense of conviction and to a high standard.  There’s always room for some fun in life when confronted with such doom and gloom whenever you switch on the television.  What more would you expect from a band who can’t spell ‘Licks’ properly anyway?

This self-titled album conquers the threshold of tired and uninspired repetition by providing a set of 11 good tracks containing a chorus here and there which proves infectious almost from the very first listen.  Heading down the same highway the latest KIX album (Rock Your Face Off) went down, this set of songs makes no apologies for partying hard in latex, leather and denim; not necessarily in that order either.

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