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Superfecta - Primal Instinct - ArtworkIt is highly plausible that you may be unfamiliar with this London-based rock band.  They unveiled their debut self-titled extended player to a muted positive critique and since then have been working hard on playing shows and assembling the material for this debut full-length album.

For fans of classy emotive rock music which maintains one foot in the grunge scene of the 90s and the other foot in the alternative rock movement that is still very much prominent in the universe of rock today; Superfecta are bright hopefuls in a world saturated with a plethora of constantly produced rock bands fighting to be noticed.

Nirvana could be a likely influence in parts of Paradox and then your ear might pick up something familiar yet disassociated with Nirvana when digesting the single Emotional Miracle as the vocals of Andrew Urwin ride earthbound melodies.  Sure you’ll draw comparisons with Bush in places, Pearl Jam in others, but thankfully there is still something unique to the sound of Superfecta which makes them an exciting new proposition.

Ubiquitous and yet fresh in their presence with Primal Instinct, you may not find it too hard to revel in songs like the quiet-loud appeal of Inside; the ominous and driven Fallen Angel or album-opener She’s a Star complete with nod to Stone Temple Pilots and their insistent knack for gliding on a grooving loop.

It is when Superfecta stretches themselves on the title track or To Live Again that you may find yourself re-addressing your relationship with Primal Instinct.  The latter of these two songs floats on a primal-sounding acoustic guitar soaked in melancholy and feels like it belongs at the heart of the Fall; surrounded in falling leaves of multiple colors as they drift down to the wet ground below.  Taking the crown for longest track within this set, the title track reaches out to the duration of nine minutes or so.  Gang vocals lunge out at points in and amongst varying flavors of guitar as this looming and intense marathon of dark emotions spills out of the speakers.

Not an album you could easily dismiss, Primal Instinct is another exciting example of bands taking their peers musical output and placing their own unique stamp on it.  Superfecta could grow from strength to strength and despite being located in the UK, could still find an audience in the U.S. who embraced talented exponents of rock music like Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters and Alter Bridge.  Take a deep breath and let your ears make a journey into the many shades and textures which fill the palette of Superfecta.

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