DREAM THEATER – Brings Decades Of Experience To Reno

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John Petrucci

With nearly three decades of recording and touring in their rear view, Progressive Metal pioneers , rolled into Reno, Nevada to perform for an anxious crowd of rabid fans.  The Grand Sierra Resort’s Grand Theatre was the epicenter for their ground shaking performance.  It was a show full of trademark solos from guitarist John Petrucci, a cacophony of thunder from Mike Mangini’s massive drum kit, soaring lyrics by vocalist James LaBrie, accompanied by beautifully tasteful key play from keyboardist Jordan Rudess, all held down by John Myung’s crisp bass. 

Whenever is on the bill, the audience can expect not just a live performance, but the story that plays out through the wonderful blend of classical music, jazz and metal.  Currently on tour in support of their February 22, 2019 release ​Distance Over Time​, the band doesn’t need an opener to warm up the crowd.  Instead they choose to give their fans the full experience.


James LaBrie

Act I of the performance opens with Untethered Angel from the new album .  There was no need for an introduction, as soon as the soft melody was played on Petrucci’s guitar the crowd was up and roaring on their feet.  The always prevalent headbanging happens when the powerful percussion of Mangini starts.  The song features a sing-along chorus that everyone in the audience was following along with.  With one down and 18 more to go, the band chose to play the opener of their 2009 release ​Black Clouds & Silver Linings, A Nightmare to Remember.  Complete with its nearly two and a half minute opening, filled in with a double bass kick, a powerful riff and the synthesizer effect added in by Rudess, the crowd was in suspense for LaBrie to finally start singing.  After the conclusion of the song, four songs remained in Act I and the crowd enjoyed each one.   Petrucci was able to take many minutes at a time to display why he is one of the most well-known guitarists of his generation through his impressive solos and the backing of Myung’s wonderful bass playing. 

Mike Mangini

Act II was an entire reenactment of their 20-year-old album ​Metropolis, Pt.2: Scenes From A Memory​.  The band chose to perform the album in its entirety, which can be argued by many of their fans to be one of the better releases.  The band did not disappoint, never missing a beat and making sure everyone in the audience was satisfied.  However, even after the finale of ​Scene Nine: Finally Free, the crowd demanded more.  After a period of thunderous clapping, screams and whistles the band relented and reappeared on stage for an encore of ​At Wit’s End

Dream Theater’s precision tight performance showcases their talents and really highlights their decades of experience.  There are plenty more shows left on their run, so watch for a show near you!

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