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dyingfetustampa1It was a rainy day in Ybor City. I’d been walking up and down 7th street for about 35 minutes now just trying to find the venue. The doors opened around seven and I found my way to the side of the stage. I didn’t feel like I quite fit in at this particular show. I was more of a “Core” kid, but that night I was there to watch Death metal legends Dying Fetus.

Dying Fetus started back in 1991 in Maryland. The band was and still is and underground sensation. They’ve carved a name for themselves for hook-laden song structures, characterized by blast beats, complex riffing, slam riffs and heavy breakdowns. They are also know for their constant line-up changes with guitarist and vocalist John Gallagher being the only original member. Tonight he swept through bassist Sean Beasley and drummer Trey Williams and showed that this old metal group still destroys.

dyingfetustampa9The opening bands started to trickle on around 7:30. Abiotic took the stage first and threw some modern Deathcore into an otherwise Death metal show. Waking the Cadaver came on next. They showed some punk elements incorporated in their set, but it was their vocalists high energy that made them a stand out. Exhumed was the final opening band, and they gave Dying Fetus a run for their money. With a crazed chainsaw wielding surgeon and guitar solos a plenty, they put on one hell of an event.

Dying Fetus came on just before 11. The group didn’t waste any time and busted straight into Grotesque Impalement. They didn’t let up there, but came out screaming with We’re You Enemy, and From Womb to Waste.  One of the best songs of the night was Homicidal Retribution. That song was one of the best examples of metal technicality played live a metal head could find anywhere. The band closed out their night with the satirical brutality Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog. It was a brutal night to say the least, and a show that would prove to anybody within a shadow of a doubt that traditional is still alive and screaming after all this time.

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