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Emperors And Elephants CoverThis debut from the -based cruisers is a solid and remarkable surprise.  With top quality production values, Devil in the Lake presents slice after another of modern hard rock.  If you’re partial to bands like Shinedown, and Alice in Chains, then you’ll find similarities running through this excellent release.

Seeing how other bands of this ilk climb higher and higher within the as more and more people hear their music, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine the same formula falling into place for Emperors and Elephants.  With songs as as Your Will, Change and Hit of already established in their canon of work, it’s hard to see how these guys will miss out on commercial delights further the road. 

Bring it gets the ball rolling with a powerful riff boosted by a delightful production as Jesse Andrews in places resembles Layne Stayley/William DuVall, yet sings to a backdrop that isn’t Alice in Chains.  First single Who You Are drives forward and takes no prisoners whilst closer You and I works around a tender and fragile piano refrain.

This -piece stretch themselves with songs like in the Mirror, a song that guitarist confessed was a challenge to interpret in the environment.  Incidentally, his credentials include some time with his former Hippie Coalition.  Ultimately the impression your ears will when you press on Devil in the Lake is how solid each track is and therefore how good this debut truly is.  A lot of love has been invested in making this a release and to assist the wade their way through the plethora of similar bands.  Once again remember where you heard about these guys first as brings you another new act worthy of attention.

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