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Emphatic - Another LifeAnother Life is the new release by a completely revamped lineup of . The most notable addition is lead singer Toryn Green. Green has his stamp all over the album, both with his strong vocal performance and songwriting skills. When Green joined the band, he brought with him songs he had previously written, while also collaborating with guitarist Justin McCain in writing new tunes.

Most of the songs feature extensive vocal harmonies. The opening track, Life After Anger, a song about moving on after betrayal, jumps right into the big sound with Green’s soaring voice belting out the chorus. Starting with that powerful opening track, the album hits hard and never looks back. Time Is Running Out again features the rich vocal harmonies in the chorus of the song that are both dramatic and hook-laden.

Many of the songs, such as Lights, Forbidden You and Another Life have keyboard additions to sweeten and supplement the songs. Another Life is another powerful song about dealing with bitterness over a failed relationship. The track after that, I Don’t Need You, deals with a similar subject (with a song title like that, little room for ambiguity!). In fact, the music in Another Life emulates the visuals on the album cover, which itself is dark and ominous. Louder Than Love starts with an acoustic guitar intro before quickly ramping up. This song may be the vocal showpiece of the album. The soaring chorus, with its intricate harmonies and complex overdubs is truly breathtaking.

While this is a two-guitar band, the mix is very balanced, the guitars not being overpowering. In fact, considering the twin-guitar lineup, there are surprisingly very few guitar solos. In all cases, the vocals are what drives the songs.

Another Life is a “must add” for any music fan who digs melodic/alternative style hard rock.

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