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IMG_2717In the wake of the Paris attacks, one of which occurred during an Eagles Of Death Metal show, Las Vegas-based band brought rock n’ roll fans together in harmony as they headlined at The Whisky A Go Go in West Hollywood, CA on November 14th. With opening bands like Sirens & Sailors, A Skylit Drive, Sworn In and Myka Relocate, it was undisputably a show to remember. The second to last show of their 2015 tour to promote their new album Hate Me which reached number 2 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart, continues to rise and shine in the world of hard rock. It was certain that the rock music community was there to stand together and the show must always go on.

As Screamer Magazine arrived to The Whisky A Go Go, A Skylit Drive went up to perform and while they are a band that we are not quite familiar with, they seemed to leave one hell of an impression with us. Perhaps, we will need to track them down and write a piece on them specifically but for now we are here to discuss Robert Ortiz, Craig Mabbitt, TJ Bell and Kevin Thrasher of . From the time they took the stage to the very end, the show was a monumental burst of energy as they pumped the audience full of power and rock music, but also there was an intimacy to this hard and heavy show as they personally IMG_2801connected with the fans and there were continuous jokes and personal moments in between songs. With melodic and screamo vocals by Craig Mabbitt that also included screamo vocals by bass guitarist TJ Bell and extravagant guitar solos by Kevin Thrasher, their impressive sound┬ádidn’t quit. Bringing one of their friends up who inspired the song Ashley and acknowledged it was her birthday. As they played fan favorites like 10 Miles Wide, Guillotine II and a few songs like The Terrible Children and Alive from their new album titled Hate Me, mosh pits broke out, there were a few stage divers and everyone had their horns up, jumping up and down, banging their heads and singing along to the lyrics to every song. It was one of those shows that gave the audience a high in which they could not come down from. As the show was coming to a close, Mabbitt announces how he would love it if someone brought him a shot of Jamison, anyone of his friends or fans. Hopefully, they got one because they certainly deserved it after that performance.

Truly, Escape The Fate is underrated and for as much talent as these guys have and as much love as their fans gave them on this night, we hope that the world really starts to take notice and that as they continue their tour in 2016,  more and more people will know that this is one fate that you will not want to escape from. Escape The Fate is here to stay! Please be sure to check out our interview with bass guitarist TJ Bell in our December issue.

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