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Eve to Adam - StraitJacket SupermodelEveryone has had the experience of listening to an album where you hear a couple of great songs, and then you skip one.  A few more killer tunes, and skip another one.  Right?  Well, Locked and Loaded ain’t one of those kinds of albums.  If you are a fan of melodic, indie-style hard rock (sorry, no growler vocals or slick, corporate rock here) you need to get this album.  As in, right now.  Locked And Loaded is the latest release from veteran hard rockers Eve To Adam.  The band has been around since 2001, but this release has the potential to catapult Eve To Adam past the perennial opening-band slot to finally being a headliner.

The core of the band is lead vocalist Taki Sassaris, his brother Alex on drums, and guitarist Gaurav Bali.  Not only is every song amazing and hook-ridden, the production, mixing and mastering is phenomenal.  The band took great care and time in both writing the songs and working with a top-notch production team, and it shows.  Taki Sassaris’s vocal performance, if there is any justice in the hard-rock world, will spotlight him as one of the finest talents of the genre.

The first single off the album, Straitjacket Supermodel, has been chosen by the band, their management and label as the showpiece of the record.  Truth be told, almost any song could have been chosen with just as powerful an effect.  Locked & Loaded, Immortal, Bender, Fortune Teller, Let’s Burn, Crime Scene….all will pull the listener in right out of the box.  One change of pace from the hard rockers is the ballad Shut Out The World.  An amazing, moving and beautiful song, it doesn’t feel out of place—it actually compliments the heavier songs.  Once one has had the opportunity to listen to the entire record, those songs—along with the remainder of the album—will quickly be burned into your memory.

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