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Extrema - The Seed of FoolishnessThese prolific heavy metal loving, attitude-driven guys hail from Italy.  Prolific because they present their sixth studio album, plus they have a live album and a double DVD celebrating at that stage of their career, their 20th birthday.  Since releasing an E.P. back in 1987, have unleashed all manner of brutality inspired by events from around the world.  In this case with The Seed of Foolishness, they were motivated by the recent mess that unfolded with our worldly economic crisis.

The words ‘Thrash’ and ‘Metal’ both spring to mind once you set this long player to run.  Pyre of Fire and opener Between The Lines both deliver a hasty pace and urgency with razor-sharp riffs accompanying the very competent vocal display from Gianluca “GL” Perotti.  Bones finishes with a high-pitched sustained note, and then the rampaging The Distance maintains the ebb and flow of what The Seed of Foolishness is all about.  Unlike their previous studio outing, Pound For Pound, there isn’t a high-profile guest like Page Hamilton, from hardcore luminaries Helmet.  Instead you’re treated to ten top quality slabs of well executed thrash metal with no gimmick or distraction.

There is sufficient diversity woven into the fabric of The Seed of Foolishness with instances like Again and Again offering up slight comparisons to Alice in Chains at one point, plus amongst the flying debris of expletives throughout Ending Prophecies there are similarities to Exodus.  Interestingly you may hear a reference to a toxic waltz in Deep Infenction which is either a sincere tribute to Exodus or is merely coincidence.  On Ending Prophecies, listen out for the military style drumming that accompanies some cool acoustic fretwork.  Be prepared for a surprising sing-a-long indulgence from A Moment of Truth which finishes the album too.  With occasions like this, you realise you’re listening to something very refined within the chaos that might seem instantly recognisable.

Fans of Bay Area thrash metal and especially those who crave more from Exodus, or are still bathing in the delight that was Dark Roots of Earth by Testament, should take notice of The Seed of Foolishness.

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