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Eye Empire - EvovleEye Empire is not a band to sit back and wait for success to come to them. The band features members of Dark New Day, Submersed and the Texas Hippie Coalition and has released two albums (and an expanded version of their first) and played 800 dates in the last three years.

Their newest offering is Evolve, released October 29th,2013. Eye Empire released the single The War Isn’t Over Yet as a free download on their website as a thank you to their fans as well as a sneak-peek of the new album. This track, in addition to others such as Rise(Wake Up), Bleed and Weakness, are all-out rock assaults with pounding double bass attacks, and aggressive guitars performed by BC Kochmit.

Vocalist Donald Carpenter seems comfortable singing anything, from the hard stuff to more personal, “softer” pieces such as The Man I Am and I Don’t Want to Leave (a hidden piano-based gem after track 12; don’t forget to keep listening). Beyond the Stars and The Man I Am stand out as the most radio viable tunes.

The band has a close connection to Sevendust, as bassist  Corey Lowery’s brother Clint ( and Dark New Day bandmate) plays in the band. Morgan Rose of Sevendust actually played drums on Eye Empire’s previous album, but Ryan Bennett takes over the role seamlessly and adds his own flavor to the mix. Lowery seems to be a jack of all trades, having produced, mixed and engineered the album himself.

Eye Empire’s constant touring and close connection with their fans has clearly made them able to connect with what the people want to hear. Evolve has something for everyone to enjoy, from heavy riffage and heart-thumping drums to vulnerable lyrics and melodic vocals. An excellent sophomore effort.

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