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Eyes Set to Kill - MasksWhilst searching for a new record label and home for the band, lead singer and songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist Alexia Rodriguez explains “At one point, I had a bit of a revelation.  We had gone through so many changes over the years.  It wasn’t about anybody else though.  It was about us.  We really found the band’s face at that point.  We weren’t wearing masks anymore.”

Who would have thought that for their fifth album, their muse would be their sense of identity and the principle of being genuine to themselves?  With Rodriguez identifying Nothing Left to Say and True Colors to be the benchmark and spine of this album, Masks contains 13 tracks in total all of which reveal raw emotion and consistent performances.

Standout moments include Surface with a soaring chorus, Killing in Your Name and the bruising Infected which was the first single from Masks.  This Arizona-based four-piece really are striving for more with this album as the production is tight and contemporary, retaining a balancing trick between pure angst as Cisko Miranda lets rip with ravaged screaming in and amongst the demanding singing voice of Rodriguez.

Although in many ways Rodriguez is the focal point, the contribution from Caleb Clifton (on drums, samples and percussion) in conjunction with Anissa Rodriguez (Sister of main songwriter and lead vocalist) who plays bass, provides backing vocals and also contributes some keys, all add to the overall dynamics on display.

Check out Lost and Forgotten, Where I Want To Be and Little Liar for examples of their cohesion, as the songs wear prominent melodies whilst simultaneously incorporating a feisty delivery.

Masks is an album that sneers and spits with attitude while maintaining a grip on melody.  Strength in their own identity seems to have added fuel to their performances and there’s nothing left to say except that they’re wearing their true colors.

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