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Fallen Angels - World In DecayMetal has spun-off and evolved into numerous subgenres throughout its history. What was considered heavy in the ’70s would be lucky not to get labeled classic rock when compared with the modern metal out there today. But considering Fallen Angels has finished World In Decay, their third full-length album, it goes to show this band is willing to disregard modern trends and stick with their favorite type of metal: ’80s thrash metal.

Listening to World In Decay is a definite blast from the past. Fallen Angels incorporates various elements of Slayer, Megadeth and early Metallica. Songs are fast-paced, contain some political messages and, of course, have energetic guitar solos worthy of melting anyone’s face. Right off the bat, The Hammer’s Blow opens up the album with a short guitar solo, which sets the overall tone and pace for the entirety of the album.

As is the case with most thrash metal, Fallen Angels’ instrumental talent is the strong point of World In Decay. Guitar work is intricate, but not too complex, and the drums are fast. All of which leads to the adrenaline pumping music that makes thrash metal so enjoyable. However, the songs that start off slower and more composed, such as Forsaken Existence and Fire At Eden’s Gate are when the album and musicianship shines the brightest.

If World In Decay fell short anywhere, it would be vocally. Bradzilla’s (yes, that is what the vocalist goes by) voice can get monotonous at times to the point where Mortis Ex Machina sounds like someone overlapped punk vocals over a metal song. This isn’t a problem for most of the album, because the instruments take most of the spotlight, but slower songs can become unbearable. The Hour of the Time is particularly boring – with the exception of the intro and guitar solo – because the song places more emphasis on the lyrics and vocals.

World In Decay isn’t revolutionizing metal by any means (it technically could be a step backward), but that isn’t a bad thing. If you can look past the sub-par vocals, Fallen Angels will treat you to some great thrash metal that’s both nostalgic and new.

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