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FEY PRAAH_nFeisty Piranhas released their posthumous album Evil Monkey, in January 2015, in remembrance of the passing of their front man lead guitarist and vocalist Peter Alex Lust III.

Feisty Piranhas, born from the streets of Los Angeles in 2002, is father, Peter Lust Jr., on drums and son lead guitarist and vocalist Peter Lust III. Their sound is a gritty punk rock, comparable to Bad Religion and NOFX.

Evil Monkey is a 12 track a CD, which lures you in with its song, Evil Monkey. The third track on the CD Change the World has well thought out lyrics as this is a song you will listen to over and over again. The song was written by Lust Jr., it makes one wonder what his thoughts were while penning this tune.  Apologies is a thought provoking song about being truly apologetic but what makes it so special is the drums; the drum beat goes on consistently throughout the entire song.

One can certainly visualize these guys playing and the whole crowd jumping up-and-down having a great time. The guitar sound is clean and completely distinguishable; unlike many bands that just mash all of the instruments together.  The third track on the CD Nothing to Lose, is probably the best song on the disc—it’s truly an inspirational tune about giving hope in a messed up world. The last cut on the CD, Show Me a Free Man and I’ll Show You a Fool, has genius lyrics; well spoken very articulate and pretty well spot on as far as reality goes.

Evil Monkey is far more than just 12 tracks, guitars, bass, drums, and singing.  This CD is a collection of “father and son.” It’s something that Lust Jr., can hold onto for the rest of his life after the loss of his child.  It is an exceptional CD; the lyrics of Evil Monkey are completely profound and very well thought out, making you want to know more about their story, their history and more of what it was they were thinking when they wrote the songs.

Evil Monkey is one CD everyone needs to listen to; its perfect for all. The teens will love it and 100% of the proceeds will go to The Peter Alex Lust’s Foundation. So go out get this for your listening pleasure and do some good in memory of an amazing young talented man, Peter Lust III.

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