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Fleshgod Apocalyspe - LabyrinthAn extreme blast of fresh metal isn’t all you experience when you crack open ’ new record. Labyrinth is a daring collaboration of sounds including, but not limited to, power metal vocal segments, black metal blast beats, and gothic orchestral qualities. But is this many elements crammed into one album just a little too much?

It no secret that this album is a work of organized chaos that the Death Metal scene has become known for. To someone who is not a fan of this kind of music, it’d be easy for that person to say that this album is just “too overkill.” The saving grace of this record that keeps this overkill from happening is the production and flow of the overall piece. It’s little things like this that keeps this release from being a bit muddled or over saturated.

This album doesn’t have that creepy introduction like most death metal albums these days. No, rather the band would rather incorporate a little piano medley and then come in guns blazing with Kingborn. From track one, though this album brings in those various elements, an operatic power vocal performance can be heard throughout the first track and the rest of the album. The music from there on in is as brutal as it is dramatic, beautiful, and musically intriguing with tracks like Towards the Sun and Under Black Sails. The group truly is a breath of fresh air in the music scene, there is no question about that, and it will defiantly be interesting in the future to see how the band plans on following up releases like this one.

Labyrinth is an album for anyone that has become bored with mainstream music you’d find today, and is reminiscent of groups like Behemoth, Nile, and Aborted.

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