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CROP IMG_9873Flyleaf headlined the Revolver’s Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour on April 9, 2015 when it hit Val Air Ballroom in West Des Moines, Iowa.

It was a LONNNGGGG night with the show starting at 4:30 and ending after 10:30. With attention spans at an all time low, no one wants to stand around for 5+ hours. The show attracted maybe 100 people max on the floor at any one time, ¼ of them were likely band members from the supporting acts. The crowed looked particularly small considering Val Air can hold upwards of 3000 people.

Flyleaf’s set started slow and melodic, the lights dark on stage. Lead vocalist Kristen May appeared on stage, shaking hands and saying into the mic, “How are you doing Des Moines?” As soon as she appeared the party started. The set began with the lead single Set Me On Fire from Flyleaf’s newest album Between the Stars. Flyleaf has always had a dynamic female front person (Lacey Sturm was the first if you’ll remember) and May does a great job filling her big shoes. May was dressed a combination of sweet and sassy in a flower dress with a leather jacket over it; her hair in a coiffed bob cut. May jumped around the stage the entire night; she’s like a ball of fire.

The idea of a hottest chicks tour seems a bit exploitative, yet there was also an underlying sense of empowerment behind it because yeah chicks rock!

Halfway through the set May invited audience members on stage who had purchased particular Flyleaf merchandise. A smart marketing ploy, and a fun treat for the fans. The two fans rocked out on stage, and seemed excited for the opportunity.

IMG_9693Before announcing they’d be available to greet fans after the show, Flyleaf closed with City Kids and Well of Lies from the new album Between the Stars, as well as I’m So Sick from the 2005 self-titled album Flyleaf.

It was an intimate gathering of Flyleaf fans as most people in attendance seemed to be singing along to every song. What Flyleaf does well is being approachable, fun and energetic. Flyleaf fans (or those who stuck around) seemed pleased.


Watch Flyleaf – Set Me On Fire

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