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has returned with their seventh album Judas, filled with eleven songs of house shaking, crowd moving melody and drive.  What started as mostly a cover band with WWE superstar Chris Jericho has come into its own gaining fans, respect and longevity.  If Five Finger Death Punch and Skillet had a street fight, could be the result.

Whether in the squared circle or the stage, singing or cutting a promo, Jericho’s a showman on the mic.  He’s made the list of multi-faceted, multi-industry entertainers.

Judas is a riff rocking, collection of sizzlers, slamming melody with groove, blending rock, metal, industrial and rap into its well-oiled machine with Weight of my World and Three Days in Jail delivering disk highlights.

The band continues to perform like they’re at Wrestlemania, touring from 2012-13 with bands like Metallica, Shinedown and Avenged Sevenfold.

starts the record hard, like a cold-hearted cold-cock punch, mean spirited but delivered with tough love, struggling with inner betrayal.  Drinkin with Jesus raises the glass of strong, conquering spirits to the King of Kings (not HHH).

Weight of my World whispers reminiscence with workout, dance groove and power chords while Wordsworth Way takes an emotionally haunting trip back in time.  Three Days in Jail sings the blues like it’s a prolonged sentence.  Time shreds by like a ticking time bomb, with a little bit of real life rhymes from the yard.

Elevator ascends floor by floor like a guitar chomping stalker or assassin, no games, just business.  The slow steady climb from the basement to the penthouse armed with industrial rock elements that shake the building.

Running with the Bulls embraces a frantic race for safety, like a continuous rat race running from hungry feasting eyes and horns ready to gorge and impale.

Judas is definitely worth a few listens. Drink it in, man.





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