THE GASLIGHT ANTHEM – At Buckhead Theater, Atlanta GA

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The Gaslight Anthem - Photo Credit Pamela Littky

– Photo Credit Pamela Littky

With a soulful yet electric live performance, took Atlanta by storm with the help of opening acts ! and at the Buckhead Theater on Tuesday October 7th, 2014.   The evening started with Stockholm’s igniting the small yet enthusiastic crowd with their own brand of unadulterated rock n’ roll.  Though relatively unknown in the States, put on a live performance with the fervor and carefree exuberance of a young Gaslight.

The crowd gathered and grew as the lights dimmed for !  With the release of their most recent album Transgender Dysphoria Blues (January 2014), ! has departed from a political punk band to a punk band concerned more with human rights issues such as lead singer Laura Jane Grace’s (formerly Tom Gabel) years of living with Gender Dysphoria.  As the lights rose to the band on stage Grace’s presence was as lively and punk as could be.  Along with songs off their newest album like Fuckmylife666 and True Trans Soul Rebel, Against Me! dove deep into their catalog and performed songs like Pints of Guinness Make You Strong, Thrash Unreal, and Don’t Lose Touch.  With the support of the punk community and fans alike, Grace took the crowd by the balls and gave them a punk rock show to remember.

The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt CROPWith the release of their fifth album, Get Hurt, has stepped back and taken a serious departure from what traditionally comes from a Gaslight album.   Get Hurt was recorded in Nashville, TN at Blackbird Studios and produced by Mike Crossey who has previously worked with bands like the Arctic Monkeys, Keane, and The Black Keys.

As Gaslight took the stage, the huge crowd roared for what was sure to be an amazing show.  As the lights rose and the band was in place, the first heavy, distorted, and growling chords for Stay Vicious rang throughout a packed Buckhead Theater.  As the crowd grew louder and even more enthusiastic, something that would not cease for the remainder of the night, lead singer Brian Fallon calmed and silenced the crowd and broke into an introduction.  With the occasional break for banter and storytelling, Fallon and the gang did a wonderful job of mixing in some deep tracks from early in their catalog with songs from their newest, Get Hurt.

The Gaslight Anthem - Photo Credit: Pamela Littky

The Gaslight Anthem – Photo Credit: Pamela Littky

As the final chords growled in the Buckhead Theater and Gaslight left the stage the roar of the crowd couldn’t be contained.  So much so that Gaslight came out for an encore, which blew the roof off of the house and took the crowd by surprise, when they started in on We’re Getting A Divorce, You Keep the Diner a song off the bands first album Sink or Swim (2007).  As the song came to an end, the band’s anthemic recital of the final lines “It’s alright man, I’m only bleeding man, stay hungry, stay free and do the best you can” lingered above a singing crowd.  Fallon thanked the crowd and The Gaslight Anthem disappeared into the shadows of the stage.

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