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Geoff Tate, one of the most celebrated voices in the history of hard rock and heavy metal releases his newest solo offering in over a decade entitled Kings and Thieves; his debut release for InsideOut Music.  Even if his name is unfamiliar to some, his voice is a permanent reminder as founding member and mysterious front man for the recently defunct progressive-metal band, Queensrÿche, formed in the 1980s out of Seattle, WA.  With twenty plus years behind the mic, over 20 million records sold and four Grammy nods under his belt, Tate yet again brings eloquent ear candy to the masses.

One look at the cover art and there’s no denying this is Tate; the tri-ryche logo (created for the band many moons ago) and the three ravens sitting proudly on his coat of arms demonstrating a beautifully packaged CD complete with lyrics; it just presents as very impressive—something tangible you’d want to own as well as the music contained within.

Being a legend and having to live up to your own legend doesn’t always work out but Tate has proven yet again he can reinvent himself like the phoenix rising from the ashes.  Tate headed out in mid October on a two-month tour in support of Kings and Thieves, which will include a two-week Canadian run with metal legend Alice Cooper.

No one says this LP doesn’t have layers of the old Queensrÿche sound flavored throughout (because that’s who he is) but all eleven tracks are fresh and daring with expertly crafted lyrics inherent in songs like She Slipped Away, the single, Take A Bullet, Change and the erotic, Say You Luv It.  Tate does not shy away from the commercial aspect of his music.  Kings and Thieves will appeal to many music aficionados both in the mainstream circles and the underground fans who grew up with Tate’s ever changing bravado.

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