GEOFF TATE-Ryche Brings Queensryche’s Music to L.A. One Last Time

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u - IMG_2166Yes it’s been confirmed by Tate and his management that this is the end. Yes, the name has been confirmed as changing to Operation Mindcrime and yes, what fans are witnessing on tour now is the end of a legacy in rock and metal music fronted by one of the genre’s most unique and easily recognizable voices. What comes next, we don’t have the answers to.

On August 4th, the version of the band took the stage of the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills, CA and fans were elated. Tate reflected the image of a man on a mission. Looking twenty pounds lighter than his last Los Angeles performance in April of this year at the House Of Blues, Tate was in prime form. Bringing a slightly different version of the previous on-stage line-up, drummer Simon Wright (Rhino Bucket, AC/DC) took the throne above the stage where as last time we saw Brian Tichy on board. Rumors flew prior to show time that Rudy Sarzo would be on bass, rather than that, and appearing for the last time with the band on this tour, John Moyer (Disturbed, Adrenaline Mob) held down the low end alongside the rest of Tate’s usual suspects. Those include Kelly Gray and Robert Sarzo on guitars and Randy Gane performing on keyboards.

u - IMG_2302The set list brought out some old favorites, touching on tracks that fans responded to both positively and strongly. As this is proposed to be the last time that Tate will perform “old songs” live on tour, attendees were happy to sing along with music they know by heart and cherish as dedicated fans. The set was as follows:

01. Best I Can
02. Breakdown
03. Another Rainy Night
04. Cold
05. Real World
06. I Am I
07. The Needle Lies
08. Della Brown
09. The Thin Line
10. Breaking The Silence
11. I Don’t Believe In Love
12. SilentLucidity
13. Jet City Woman
14. Empire
15. Eyes Of A Stranger

Adding to the surprises in song choices, Tate also thrilled the crowd with stories leading in to songs and during track nine, he appeared on stage playing a saxophone along with the band.

The opening acts for the night featured Los Angeles natives Superfix, a metal genre band that was the perfect fit to warm the audience and a fairly new valley area band that is comprised of longstanding musicians that have been on the national scene for years, Crack In The Shell. Word has it from Crack In The Shell associated patrons that the band is committed to 20 shows with Tate’s , offering a chance for the band to gather a larger national following as the tour continues, best of luck to them!

’s current tour schedule continues north through California and on through parts of the Midwest. To find the dates when they appear in your area, visit the new website at

CLICK HERE to view more photos from the show.

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