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HAREM SCAREM - Mood Swings IICanadian rockers have returned with Mood Swings II.  Front man Harry Hess, guitarist Pete Lesperance, bassist Mike Gionet and Darren Smith on background vocals (lead vocals on Sentimental Blvd) are back together with Creighton Doane on drums with a re-make worthy of praises.  The original Mood Swings, their second album, was recorded at legendary Cabin Fever Studios on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Released June 11, 1993 to a worldwide fan base; this album was a career-defining moment for the group.

Hess made a comment about the bands plan to re-record the classic album and was asked why they would re-record the album. His answer to that was simple as the band didn’t own the masters to the recordings.  For them to have control and claim ownership, they would have to re-record them.  The re-make features the original track list with Saviors Never Cry, No Justice, Stranger Than LoveChange Comes Around, Jealousy, Sentimental Blvd,MandyEmpty Promises, If There Was A Time, Just Like I Planned and Had Enough.  There are also three bonus tracks with World Gone To Pieces, Anarchy, and Brighter Day.  Release dates for Mood Swings II is September 24 in North America and September 27 in Europe.

Saviors Never Cry cranks this album into gear just as it did 20 years before.  To play this album side by side is really amazing.  Not a note is missed, no vocal is off, and every riff is made.  It’s 1993 all over again, yet 2013 brings a richer sound to each track yet the element of the original feel and emotion is there.  No Justice and Stranger Than Love ooze melodic rock which is almost a forgotten component in rock music now and is so inspiriting to hear. Smith belts out his vocal abilities in Sentimental Blvd, proving this group is super strong vocally.  Mandy is a power ballad in all its glory, again with harmonies, melodies and guitar solos that leave a girl crying and a guy playing air guitar in the mirror. Tinkling keys of a piano intros If There Was A Time which showcases the range of Hess’ vocals and Just Like I Planned reveals a sweet softness to his voice.  The last three tracks are the new additions which keep in with the scheme of the music.  World Gone To Pieces rocks with choruses, melodies and lyrics that seduce your ears, mind and soul.  Anarchy has a sound that should be the theme song for a movie, classic arena rock feel.  Ending the album with Brighter Day, this group has certainly proven they have every bit of talent they began with.   Mood Swings II will offer an established fan the joy of hearing these songs once again.  New fans are definitely in for pure pleasurable feel good rock.

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