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2020 was a good year for listening to Hatebreed. If you are angry, frustrated and irritated, letting that out of your system by head banging along to Weight Of The False Self is the perfect prescription. After over 20 years, Hatebreed has recently released their eighth full-length album on Nuclear Blast Records, and fans will certainly not be disappointed. Many bands at this stage of their career might be experimenting and veering off their original path. Not Hatebreed. This is not to say that it is repetitive, Instinctive (Slaughterlust) and Let Them All Rot will definitely become live favorites once we can all go to shows again. However, it is surprising that the band sticks with what works while still keeping it fresh.  They manage to be unrelentingly positive about their plight. As vocalist Jamey Jasta explains, “Seen or unseen, everyone is carrying a burden. The music we love helps us bear the weight.” Instinctive (Slaughterlust)  is the first single from the album and also the first track. It immediately smashes you in the gut with powerful drums and Jasta’s signature shout the minute you press play.  Jasta describes how it speaks to the power that comes from our defense mechanisms when backed into a corner. Additionally, tracks like Cling To Life, Wings Of The Vulture, and A Stroke Of Red continue the pummeling and fierce hardcore sound as the album goes on. The album artwork by known heavy metal album artist Eliran Kantor depicts a man chipping away at a large stone bust perfectly fits the feeling one gets while listening to it. All in all, Hatebreed fans really need to check this out for a much need stress release.



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