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When you take southern rock and mix it with post-grunge, the result is, Headroom. Mixing southern rock with modern-day music is not a new concept though as artists such as Black Stone Cherry already uses a similar style. On their debut album, Radio Cries, the music resembles artists such as Nickelback while Travis Boltz’s vocals resemble something that sounds more suited for a country band, but this Arizona quartet does throw in their own originality.

The album opens with the song, Welcome to Turtlewoods, which is a classic sounding tune with elements of ‘60’s and ‘70’s rock. Though this song is new and has some elements of modern rock, it still seems like it could have been written 40 years ago.  The highest point of the album has to be the tune, Drive Punk; a fast paced offering that stands out because it sounds more like a punk song, as the title suggests and can actually stack up to songs by actual punk bands such as NOFX.  Another song worth mentioning is, Rocky Mountain Pony Ride in the Sky (The Ballad of Johnny Blaze), and features some of Gavin Washburn’s best drumming on the CD.

The low points on this release are slower songs like, Be. The band has amazing drum and bass work from Washburn and Derek Axman, with shredding guitar from Dan Buitron, which can be heard on their harder songs. The vocals are expressed more, but the vocals seem to be the band’s weakest link — not because of the lyrical content but more because Boltz does not come off as a strong vocalist; maybe it’s just the way they recorded and he kicks ass live, but aside from that, Headroom have a lot of potential with their vintage sound and modern twists.

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