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HEART-IN-HAND-almost-thereIf you’re already familiar with British melodic metalcore merchants Bury Tomorrow, or fellow UK-based alternative rock outfit Mallory Knox, then you may have heard about these guys.  Vocalist Mikey Chapman and bassist Sam Douglas of the latter of those two bands add their talents to the song Maybe, whilst Daniel Winter-Bates who fronts the former adds his vocals to the track Broken Lights.

Not to be overshadowed, Charlie Holmes the lead vocalist for , really puts in a fabulous performance throughout this emotionally stirring album.  Whilst listening to this album, you may get a mental image of some leaves on the ground which sporadically gets whipped up into spirals of motion as the wind blows.  The next moment they nestle together quietly and calm back on the ground.  Almost There is that sort of ride.

Highlights include the title track and Sleeping Alone, both showcasing that progressive landscape of chaos in sound one moment, and then solemn reflection the next.  Hoarse vocal deliveries are the order of the day here which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s no doubting the conviction and emotion that pummel the ears.

Vocal diversity is evident on Maybe which adds new texture to the overall ebb and flow of Almost There, plus moments like Vows and final track The Latter offer up some atmospheric instrumental breathers from the relentless angst.  Talking of chilled out instrumental passages, check out the beginning of Old Tattoos which works well.

One more notable guest appearance takes place on Cuts and Bruises from James Leatherbarrow, lead vocalist for British melodic post-hardcore heroes Death of an Artist.  Mostly fast and frantic in controlled measures, this serves up another highlight.

Overall, this is a very good album from a band that was formed back in 2008, and is a worthy successor to their previous outing Only Memories.

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