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HEAVEN SHALL BURN - VetoA band that is educated more so than other bands on combining unrelenting brutality with melodic hardcore sentiments, Heaven Shall Burn proves that time has only sharpened their skills with VETO. After completing the celebrated Iconoclast trilogy, VETO shows a blend of their older style from Antigone mixed with Iconoclast song writing technique. The unison of the guitars in Godiva and the dual vocals in the chorus of Valhalla make up the brunt of the melodic moments. The aggression takes a forefront in songs like Land Of The Upright Ones and Fallen, most notably with the head forward syncopation of the drums and shredding of the guitars. Everything plays off of each other with the effectiveness that only time proven experience can bring. Land Of The Upright Ones is by far one of their best songs yet. After the initial in your face scream and wall of sound, it transgresses into a series of melodic verses, intense breakdowns, and pinnacle reaching bridges that bring the entire song around full circle. VETO is a release that is, all around, encompassing of their career. Even the instrumentation of the vocal driven sections are progressively entertaining that, in the end, culminates into perhaps Heaven Shall Burn’s strongest release to date.

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