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Helker- Somewhere In The Circle (Cover)Somewhere in the Circle is the third studio album from the Argentinean heavy metal overlords and their first to offer up lyrics in English.  For those who are interested, there will also be a Spanish version of this album.

You get anthems incorporating strong chugging guitars, solid drumming, plus some Ronnie James Dio style lead vocals from Diego Valdez.  Thrown in for good measure are guest appearances from Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens and Ralph Scheepers on the song, Begging For Forgiveness.

From the very first chord on this album, the riffs are hammering down the door with Modern Roman Circus.  The other eleven songs offered, which include the driving Just Be Yourself and the reflective Flying; slowing things down temporarily and riding waves of emotion.  The longest track clocks in at just over five minutes and goes by the name of Ghosts from the Past, another slice of their winning delivery.  These songs both entertain and embrace the values of good quality heavy metal.  Their sense of melody remains intact as each track displays moments of reflection right through to more conventional riffs that shake the ears with their spirit of nostalgia.

Throughout Somewhere in the Circle there’s a sense that are really going up a gear with this release.  This is recognized through the bands performances, production and accommodating a different language in order to reach a wider audience.  If you’re looking for a good heavy metal album that salutes the traditional and carries emotive lyrics but avoids modern studio trickery and flurries, plus the understanding that guitars are there to be heard and should be crunching with each riff, then you won’t be disappointed in the slightest.  It felt like 1986 for the duration of this album.  Not necessarily a criticism if you’re a fan of that era, and interesting for those who can see more potential.

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