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Hell are not the most famous band in the world; they are often found within the depths of the Metal Archives, amongst other lost bands of past decades.  Their popularity is, however, growing exponentially and they are clawing their way out of those depths.  Once you hear them, Hell will go from YouTube footage to an ASAP purchase of vinyl and CD.  But none will go from, “Oh, they look cool” to “I want their vinyl and gig tickets” as fast as Hell will.

One of the band’s most precious creations is the triple vinyl edition of Human Remains; a hefty parcel. The 180 gram triple translucent vinyl set comes wrapped in a thick, devilishly detailed artwork sleeve. The album contains 11 insanely exceptional tracks:  a mixture of heavy blasphemy, detailed religious criticism, warnings of what the future holds, and even a nod to Shakespeare.  Hell show their talent on each and every song. Bringing the hellishly heavy guitar attacks are Kev Bower and Andy Sneap, providing the dark bass from the lowest pits of malebolge is Tony Speakman, behind the rolling thunder of drums is Tim Bowler, and last but not least is vocalist Dave Bower, the possessed red-eyed man who, to be honest, is “In Sorte Diaboli”

The whole album contains a wide variety of  heavy metal, songs with fast paced catchy rhythms teaching you a lesson in history, to songs that you will headbang to and hopefully heed the warning that one day, It shall be on Earth as it is in HellHuman Remains is the band’s debut album — a little late due to the sad departure of original frontman Dave Halliday — but Halliday is remembered throughout the album and, thanks to a a nice bit of production can be heard at the start of one of the songs.

All in all you’re implored to listen to this album, even for one song.  Just give it a go; 99% of you will adore it.  Hell are doing a live performance on the 23rd of February 2013 in Derby.  They promise, Fire, Beer and Metal.

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