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Hellion - Karmas A BitchThe recent release of Karma’s a Bitch marked the return of the female-fronted after a decade-long hiatus. Reminiscent of heavy metal from the 70’s and 80’s, this five track mini-LP features inspired performances and catchy metal anthems.  ’s vocals carry the same strength, quality, and roar of condemnation demonstrated in ’s earlier albums. The impressive talent of each new member of shines through on this album, as well. With a stellar line-up featuring vocalist Boleyn, drummer Simon Wright (formerly of AC/DC, Dio, and UFO), keyboardist Scott Warren (formerly with Dio and Heaven & Hell), bassist Bjorn Englen (formerly with Yngwie Malmsteen), and up-and-coming shred guitarist Maxxxwell Carlisle, this is easily ’s strongest line-up ever.

The first track, Betrayer, portrays the full spectrum of moods the band has to offer. While it starts off with a mysterious and ghostly introduction, Betrayer quickly blasts into overdrive with a scream from Hell and the raw, powerful vocals which can only come from Boleyn.  The title track, Karma’s a Bitch, features an anthemic melody which will likely have fans shouting and singing along.  Hell Has No Fury, delivers full-tilt metal elevated by an orchestral section and the blistering guitar work of Carlisle. Watch the City Burn eases in with the sound of distant sirens and quickly takes listeners on an in-depth journey into the chaos and anger of a full-blown riot. The final track, ‘Till the End, kicks off with the hammering double-bass power of Wright and features determined lyrics– assuring fans that will be “rocking till the end.”

Overall, this album is short and will leave likely leave listeners craving more. That being said, this album still packs a pretty big punch for its size. If you find that life has been feeling a bit too complacent, Karma’s a Bitch may help you find some of that “bite” you’ve been looking for.


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