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Through six records the members of have proven they’re the loud, screaming exception to the short-lived ‘super group’ rule still oozing adrenaline on stage and sweating with their new record Welcome Home.

The is a pounding to lyrical themes held dear and a celebratory to the life of Vinnie Paul.  They’ve accomplished a lot in 12 years including helping Paul rediscover his passion for music.

The world lost an incredible musician and human being in Paul on June 22, but the music had to be heard.  Welcome Home is a fitting swansong to the man that fueled Pantera, DamagePlan and Hellyeah.

Paul’s finished work before passing, giving each song his stamp.  Bound by honor and respect they finished and released the record.

His passing was a collective, ripping moment with the using his memory as inspiration and to finish with guitarist writing Skyy and the day after he passed, pouring emotion into the tune with perfect lyrics by vocalist

They played their first -show in Vegas in May introducing ’s on drums with the Clark Country Board of Commissioners naming May 11th as Day.

Opener 333 starts with a screaming hello; and welcome to the family.  It’s fast, loud and pit ready with slammin’ jamming good vibes, bringing people together in bashing style.

Oh My God is mid-tempo melodic, like a slow drink to slow a dehydrated hallucination with enough and snake to make anyone see double.

Murky notes start with melancholy lyrics, a dismal vibe and feelings of familiarity in loneliness and and a song that’s taken a double meaning after Paul’s passing.  Classical instruments give a signature end with Gray’s clean vocals.

Army is ominous with building notes enlarging the always growing army against the mainstream.

At Wicks End the candle drips its last drops with vocal tricks and shivering, shingling guitars.  Skyy and has a soft delivery to end and compliment Paul’s legacy.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and keep on, keepin’ on.

Welcome Home is both a swansong and a major milestone continuing the ’s history.  It’s in and beyond.  Whatever happens and wherever they go, the family will follow.


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