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The Swedish rock scene has always been very active spawning many famous acts like ABBA, Europe, The Hives, The hellacopters, Sator, Grand Magus and the list goes on.  Sitting in America, sometimes it’s easy to forget that half a world away, rock n’ roll has a life of its own there and when a band comes along with a sound so different yet so familiar, you’d never think they were from another country.  Her Bright Skies, just happens to be one of those bands.

On November 19, 2012, Her Bright Skies released their third full-length album Rivals, via Panic & Action Records.  Based in the small town of Jönköping, Sweden, Her Bright Skies (Johan “Jaybee” Brolin (Vocals), Niclas Sjöstedt (Guitar) Petter “Pete” Nilsson (Guitar, Vocals), Joakim “Jolle” Karlsson (Bass guitar, Vocals) and Jonas Gudmundson (Drums) brings their punk pop post hardcore version of what rock n’ roll sounds like to the masses with a non-stop thrill ride of hard-hitting, melody driven songs mixed by celebrated producer/mixer/engineer Mike Plotnikoff (All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Bon Jovi).  The music is well written and the first single, Lovekills, cries with punk influences and was released on video when the CD came out as well.  I’ll Be For You slows the band down a bit with a beautifully crafted song sure to make the favorite’s list of most anyone who hears it.

Vocalist Johan “Jaybee” Brolin has been said to be notoriously known for his stage presence and antics with the audience as he often maintains eye contact with a single member of the audience throughout a whole song and the band has shared the stage with Asking Alexandria, And You Will Know Us by the trail of Dead, Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars and many other artists along the way.  Her Bright Skies is definitely rising in popularity and their fan base grows day by day so catch their live show when they come your way.

Click here to purchase Rivals.

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